How to create a marketing campaign in minutes

marketing campaign minutes

For many marketers the word “campaign” is cringe-worthy. It means sitting down for long planning sessions, budget scrutiny, and securing the dreaded “buy in from stakeholders.” But such bureaucratic measures usually make sense: these campaigns were big, costly affairs — and a bad bet could really set a business back.

But what if we could shrink this notion of a campaign? What if, instead of monthly, marketing campaigns could be launched and tracked daily or even hourly?

That shouldn’t sound excessive or shocking. Business moments worth sharing with customers and users are happening at a rate unthinkable even a few years back. Our marketing needs to catch up.

For example, let’s say you own a coffee shop. In the past there would be very few things worthy of “campaigning” to the public — mainly openings, closings, discounts… and that’s about it. Your campaign-worthy events were so few and far between because of the cost, time and risk of pushing out anything else.

But content creation has changed. First it was websites, and then came blog posts, followed by statuses and Tweets — with each step the content became smaller, faster and more targeted.

Now it’s time to empower everyone in the organization to create marketing campaigns on the move. It’s official: marketing campaigns can now be numerous, overlapping and broadcast across all channels with the push of one button.

Here’s how it works: Crushpath is the integrated marketing platform for businesses, putting the ability to create and promote campaigns in the hand of every employee.

So now your campaigns don’t have to be monthly or even quarterly. Instead, the fact that, for example, your coffee shop has switched to Fair Trade only beans can be a major, authentic moment shared as a campaign on the fly.

It’s the next evolution of content creation because a picture of the new beans can be snapped immediately on your phone and shared immediated across text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Think about how times of changed. This new campaign, promoting a healthy switch in coffee beans is:

1) Faster: The beans arrive. The picture is taken. The “spot” is distributed. Boom.

2) More authentic. This isn’t some staged shot with makeup, nuclear lighting and feathered hair. This is the real deal: the coffee beans just got here and the employees are psyched.

3) It’s like two percent the price of old-school campaigns. No consultants. No surveys. No focus groups. No stakeholder buy-in.

4) Deeper reach. Employees these days have broader AND more niche networks than any ad spend can find.

5) It’s democratized. The ability to promote and share news about a business is decentralized and all employees are free to celebrate the company’s moments.